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Super-Hero Hotline!

Do you feel:

Don't check out. Check in!

Waste is NOT Beautiful, Authenticity is NOT Boring, and \"Do as the Rich Do\" is EXTINCTION.

Welcome to the Super-Hero Hotline!

8 billion people, 8 billion species, one planet. I won't even bother giving you stats on inequality and carbon. You already know! You can FEEL it, and it HURTS. How are we losing? Why does no one care? How come all the well-paid artists are sold out crap-factories?

Rewind. Replay: How are we losing? Why does no one care? BECAUSE all the well-paid artists are sold out crap-factories. No one can see the real world, through the polished roar of capitalist marketeers: \"Life is Good\" so \"Buy, Buy, and Keey Buying\"! And if you dare peek your head out and look around? Pain, Hopelessness, and worst of all: Isolation. Everyone is So Desperate to validate their own Escapism, they cannot allow Anyone a word in edgewise. Put your head down, take a shitty job, and hope someday you can Escapism, too.

Escapism is Extinction.

We have to win.

We know how!

Rewind, replay: Escapism is Extinction. We have to win. We know how!

The Super-Hero Hotline is Activist Community of authentic and caring people. We are self-sustaining minimalist affinity groups. We help each other face past trauma and produce meaningful art. We are tearing down every border. We are deleting racism, sexism, and classism. We are winning.

Are you ready to join our mutual-aid collective?

We can't always be together, but we can still the provide critical community we need to double-down on ourselves and win our future back. Join our weekly community meetings to see how others are coping and what we're doing. Apply with your own project idea, but be prepared to help others learn and do. Leading AND Following is How We Win!

This hotline is top-secret, so SHHHH!!!

Write us an email if you'd like to join, or connect to our Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Links below! =)